What does it mean to innovate and how does this apply to our work with students?
Want to innovate become a Now its

How are we engaging all students in rigorous conceptual mathematics? Valerie Faulkner - Math instruction

Data Reviews...
Almost all of our data conferences have been completed - only 4 more to go! Thank you, again, for the time and energy that you all have spent making these conferences a success. We are a team, and together, we will reach our ambitious goals. 90%/70%/100%

Questioning Reminder:
If we're not asking questions about why we do what we do, it is because:
We are assuming that all of what we are doing is having an optimal impact on student growth and achievement. or
We are uncomfortable with asking questions, because asking questions means that we don't already know the answers. or
We are uncomfortable being questioned, because we are professionals, and professionals do not need to be questioned. or
We are not interested in the answers, because we like the way we do what we do, and we are willing to leave the outcome to chance.

All, unfortunately, are unacceptable...

Optimal Impact - We have done well, but we can and we will do better. 
According to our school's Report Card, which is based on 2013-2014 school-wide data and shared publicly the first week in February, Brassfield is a 'B' school. This is based on our proficiency and growth, which were 82% and 80%. Brassfield is an 'A' school - not a 'B.'

Uncomfortable Asking Questions and/or Being Questioned
We are a 'Getting Smarter' school, focused on growing ourselves and our students. When we stop learning, we stop teaching, and if we are unwilling and/or are too proud to embrace opportunities to become an even better version of ourselves, then we disservice children. Effective learning and teaching requires questioning.

Outcome to Chance - If I cover the content, most of them will get it.
Data is a vital ingredient in serving children purposefully. Authentic, meaningful learning - and mastery - trump content coverage, every.single. time

All children can learn and will learn at Brassfield. Please, please, please - no more 'they can't' statements, unless the statement is accompanied by a 'yet.' This includes IEP meetings, folks. 

What we say is a reflection of what we believe, and if we don't believe that our students can do something, we rob them of their potential to succeed. 

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