Instructional Expectations
On Co-Teaching: Co-teaching requires co-planning and collaboration prior to and during the facilitation of instruction. Both (or all) teachers are expected to contribute. Every Brassfield student will be exposed to high level, rigorous content through heterogeneous learning opportunities. Accommodations and modifications will not replace content, but will provide alternative channels that will ensure our learning destinations are met by all children. 
On Risk-Taking: Our classrooms cultivate risk-taking by celebrating students who challenge themselves and each other to participate in learning activities that help them to become smarter - not just look smart. It's easy to celebrate a correct answer, but in our classrooms we take the time to celebrate participation, out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, and innovation. 
Time: Every moment matters. Housekeeping and clerical items must be completed from 8:15am-8:45am, during planning, during lunch, and/or after school. 
The 4 Cs: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking + Digital Integration
Our classrooms require students to think critically, to work together, to discuss, rationalize, and prove their thinking in order to capitalize on their natural curiosity and creativity. This requires our teachers to be constantly circulating in order to provide timely, individualized feedback that will drive meaningful instruction based on the specific needs of each classroom population. We have a wealth of digital tools, and our classrooms will utilize them to enhance content and to increase student productivity. 

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